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persecution is on the rise

Latter-day Saints are well familiar with the early saints' persecution, hardship, and trials. However, sometimes we are guilty of thinking such religious persecution is over. It is not.

According to Open Doors' World Watch List 2023, "More than 360m Christians suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination for their faith."

This number includes Latter-day Saints because we are Christians.

5,621 Christians were killed for faith-related reasons in 2022.

North Korea returned to the number one spot with a score of 98. Nicaragua entered the list at number 50.

On the bright side, many Gulf countries are showing greater tolerance.

"In several Gulf states, such as Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, there has been promotion of greater tolerance. Authorities are looking for ways to respond to the call for more religious freedom within their Islamic framework. Hate speech against Christians belonging to historical or expatriate communities often is not tolerated in a number of countries, including Bahrain, the UAE, and Egypt, although radical elements remain present within their societies."

All followers of Christ need our prayers and our support.

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