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Changes are a foot

After a long time and much water passing under my bridge, the Substare Blog is back. Substare is an additional name for KolobJOY. Substare is Latin for “Hold On,” which is a crucial focus for everything in the daily newsletter and website.

December 1 is the relaunch day for a revised newsletter and website. Here are some of the changes.

The KolobJOY Daily is renamed Substare Digest. The digest is divided into parts. There are the daily features:

· Trivia question

· Scripture

· Conference quote

· Religious news covering news of the Church and other religious news from the internet.

There are weekly features:

· Video Sunday

· Resources Monday (Come Follow Me links)

· Talk Tuesday: A link to a talk worth pondering

· Music Wednesday: Notes about each hymn in the English Hymnbook

· Blog Thursday: This blog

· Funny Friday: A Gospel-related cartoon

· Self-Reliance Saturday: Information from Jim and Kayla Phillips

On the respective day, the weekly feature will be highlighted.

The third part is two questions for readers to comment on. The first is a general Gospel question that will run for a week. The second question from the Come Follow Me reading will change during the week.

The final section is the countdown for Church-wide events, especially General Conference.

I hope these changes add value to your life and will be a daily spiritual boost.

If you have any general comments, you would like to share. Please email me at

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"Men [and  women] are that they might have JOY..."

2 Nephi 2:25

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