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2023 Predictions

I am not a prophet, nor do I play one on TV (If the comment doesn’t make sense, ask an older person.) But, just for fun, I am putting together Church and world/nation predictions for 2023.

I look forward to reviewing them next year and seeing how far off I am.


Prediction 1: Meetings with the word “Priesthood,” such as Bi-weekly Priesthood Meetings or General Priesthood Meetings, will be renamed in 2023. The reason why is the Priesthood is not reserved for men holding it. We are asked to no longer refer to men as the Priesthood. For example, the Priesthood will take down the tables. All Saints who serve in the Church do so with priesthood power.

“Priesthood authority functions in both the family and the Church. The Priesthood is the power of God used to bless all of His children, male and female. Some of our abbreviated expressions, like “the women and the priesthood,” convey an erroneous idea. Men are not “the priesthood.” Priesthood meeting is a meeting of those who hold and exercise the Priesthood. The blessings of the Priesthood, such as baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, the temple endowment, and eternal marriage, are available to men and women alike. The authority of the priesthood functions in the family and in the Church, according to the principles the Lord has established. (President Dallin Oaks, October 2005)

Maybe they will simply call it a men’s meeting. We already call a general conference session for women as the Women’s Session. It makes sense to call a meeting for Melchizedek and Aaronic Priesthood holders as the Men’s Session. Or maybe we expand the meeting titles to the Melchizedek Priesthood meeting or an Aaronic Priesthood meeting. I am not sure this will drive the change. I’m grateful it isn’t my issue to solve.

Prediction 2: We will lose two apostles in 2023. Or, stated more positively, we will have two new apostles in 2023. I am not going to name members of either group. I will leave that up to you to speculate.

Prediction 3: There will be some event or events that will continue to divide the Saints on following the Prophet. The right to choose is God-given. A prophet speaking for God is also God-given. There are/will be many who will struggle with their own beliefs verse the counsel of the Brethren. I do believe you cannot pick and choose. You cannot say when our Prophet speaks that this point is from God, but he isn’t a prophet when he says something we disagree with. I think it is an “All In” situation.


Prediction 1: COVID-19 or a variant will force us to wear masks again. As of this writing, the cases in China are setting records, and I don’t think they can be contained in one country.

Prediction 2: The U.S. economy will slide into a major recession. Maybe it will be driven by a pandemic or by the lack of actions of a frozen government where both parties do very little except yell at the other and look forward to 2024.

Prediction 3: The war in Ukraine will expand, involving NATO. Just like governmental agreements caused countries to get involved in WW I, agreements between nations will drive involvement. In addition, China will annex Twain putting the U.S. in a position to either have a pacific war or put our hands in our pockets because of economic concerns.

I could go on, but six is enough. I would love to hear your thoughts on my predictions or your 2023 predictions.

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