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10 Conference takeaways

Now that a day or two has passed and we all have caught our breath after an awesome general conference. We look forward to study the word.

I have pondered the conference. I’ve discussed with others. I am ready to share my list of key takeaways from conference. This conference was different than recent ones. There were no new programs. No new logo. No new proclamation. However, what was there were calls for action and teaching of doctrine that is key to preparing the world for Christ’s return.

My list is from my perspective and the order is debatable because it is all important and life changing. But humans love to make lists.

1. Quorum Together on the rostrum: Wasn’t it wonderful to see the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, except for Elder Gong, on the rostrum with the First Presidency? I think there was a sense of unity while still being responsible global citizens. They were 6 feet apart and wore marks. An example to follow.

2. Love of all people: See Elder Christofferson’s talk “Sustainable Societies” Elder Renlund’s talk “Do Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly with God”, and President Nelson’s talk “Let God Prevail”.

3. New view of Israel what to study for the next six months: See President Nelson’s talk “Let God Prevail”. At the end of his talk, he said, “As you study your scriptures during the next six months, I encourage you to make a list of all that the Lord has promised He will do for covenant Israel. I think you will be astounded! Ponder these promises. Talk about them with your family and friends. Then live and watch for these promises to be fulfilled in your own life.”

4. Living with faith and trials: While other spoke on this subject, in my opinion, Elder Holland’s talk “Waiting on the Lord” was masterful. His warm, friendly style just makes you feel that everything will turn out alright. See also President Eyring’s talk “Tested, Proved, and Polished” and President Oaks’ talk “Be of Good Cheer”.

5. Temple recommends: Elder Rasband’s talk “Recommended to the Lord” explains well why we should have a temple recommend even if temples are closed.

6. Temple announcement: Temples were announced for Tarawa, Kiribati; Port Vila, Vanuatu; Lindon, Utah; Greater Guatemala City, Guatemala; São Paulo East, Brazil; and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It is getting that you must use Google Maps to find all the locations.

7. Preparation and a New Normal: In President Nelson’s talk “A New Normal”, he gave new meaning to a new normal. “The challenge for you and me is to make certain that each of us will achieve his or her divine potential. Today we often hear about “a new normal.” If you really want to embrace a new normal, I invite you to turn your heart, mind, and soul increasingly to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Let that be your new normal. Embrace your new normal by repenting daily. Seek to be increasingly pure in thought, word, and deed. Minister to others. Keep an eternal perspective. Magnify your callings. And whatever your challenges, my dear brothers and sisters, live each day so that you are more prepared to meet your Maker.” See also Elder Whiting’s talk “There was Bread” and President Nelson’s talk “Embrace the Future with Faith” and Elder Uchtdorf’s talk “God Will Do Something Unimaginable”.

8. Prayer: See Elder Ballard’s talk “Watch Ye Therefore, and Pray Always”. In addition, President Nelson said, “Prayers for our family members have changed because we better understand what they need” in his talk “Moving Forward”.

9. Racism: See President Oaks’ talk. “Love Your Enemies”. In the talk, he said, “As citizens and as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we must do better to help root out racism.” He also said, “Knowing that we are all children of God gives us a divine vision of the worth of all others and the will and ability to rise above prejudice and racism”. President Oaks also spoke about racism in his talk “Be of Good Cheer” given during the Women’s session and President Nelson spoke about it in his talk “Let God Prevail.”

10. The city of Enoch, Zion People, 4 Nephi: Five speakers (Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Jaggi, President Eyring, Elder Christofferson, and Elder Jackson) spoke about Enoch and the city of Zion, he led. Six speakers (Sister Eubank, President Nelson, Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Cook, President Eyring, and Elder Christofferson) spoke about becoming or being a Zion people. Two speakers (Elder Cook and Elder Christofferson) spoke about the people in 4 Nephi, who lived in peace for 200 years. I think the Lord is calling on us to follow their example in these troubling times.

As I said earlier, this is my list and others would list them differently. I am interested how you would rate these and other takeaways. What spoke to you? How are you changed because of the conference?

I look forward to your comments.

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